Hi, I’m Shalanda, a southern bell who now calls Los Angeles home. I am a graduate student, yoga lover and all-around encourager. Blogging originally served as an outlet to document lessons and thoughts that crossed my mind while journaling. During a rough time in my life my journal became (and still is) my best friend.  Journaling daily has created space for me to heal, grow, learn about myself and others as well as document personal favorites. Writing and reflection on all the above have brought so much quality to my life. Essentially, adding peace, love and joy.

However, hoarding lessons, advice and favorites helps only myself. So, I decided to be more open by sharing more with you on my blog. Now, my writing goes well beyond personal musings to include topics regarding wellness, lifestyle routines and products as well as advice I have gathered along the way.

I firmly believe every woman deserves and can experience peace, love and joy! In fact, it is a birthright from God.  It is my mission to encourage you to implement healthy routines, fruitful mindsets, effective lifestyle practices and products that will help you create, maintain and protect your peace, love and joy.




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