25 Summer Nail Designs to Consider before the Summer Ends

Wow! It is hard to believe summer will be ending soon.

However, it is not over yet! There is still plenty of time to enjoy this last month of summer. One perfect way to do so is with a beautiful summer manicure.

This round up of stylish summer nail designs are sure to inspire your next set and help you enjoy all the bright colors we love for the summer.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next nail design or simply appreciate beautiful work stay tuned. In this post, you are sure to find a design, out of the 25 nail designs listed below, before saying good bye to summer.

Colorful Nail Designs for the Summer

What we love about summer nail designs

One thing I think we can all appreciate is a nice manicure regardless of the season but there is something about summer nails that inspire playfulness and beautiful designs.

From the neon pinks, rich colors, swirls, rhinestones and playful nail designs there is something for everyone to get into the “summer” spirit…let’s make that a thing ahah.

There are no rules really but there is something about the summer that makes you want to push the limits with your style including your nails! This often inspires bright and funky designs that may not always “match” every outfit but they are sure to catch everyone’s eye and we love that!

One of the hardest decisions when you sit down to paint your nails or have your nail tech start a manicure is selecting the color and style. Have you been there before…I mean sometimes it takes many minutes to make a decision that feels like it should be so simple but there are so many options. Trust me. I have been there before! I find having some pictures handy helps to make a decision faster and communicate what you are looking for as it relates to the aesthetic of your manicure.

Whether you like simple designs or love intricate designs there is surely a summer nail design for you. So, check out this list below and find some inspiration for your next manicure. Happy painting!

Play on French Tip for Summer Nails 

A French tip is a classic nail design that truly looks good on anyone. One cool thing about this design style is that there can be a wide variety of the way this style is interpretated. Meaning there are so many variations of french tip designs you can choose from. This is especially true for summer nail designs. Check out some french tip design variations below.

1. Colorful Angled French Tip

Creating depth by adding shapes and texture to your french tip style is the perfect way to spice things up a bit. One thing to love about the summer time is all the vibrant colors that come with the season. So, do not be afraid to step outside of the box of the traditional vertical lines. Instead, be encouraged to add an angle or two to your design and do not forget the color!

Source image

2. Colorful Design in your French Tip

If you love length then this style is for you. While talented nail artist can create beautiful summer nail designs on short nails having more surface area to create certainly provides more room to play and create. Consider adding lines and again color to your French tip this summer while taking advantage of all the space length provides.

Source image


3. Simple Square French Tip with Color

If you are not a big fan of multiple colors for your manicure or if you prefer a short nail length this nail design is perfect for you.

Sometimes, you just want to keep it cute and simple. Selecting a bright color for your French tip is the perfect way to incorporate summer in your wardrobe via your manicure. Think about trying neon colors which are sure to make a statement this summer.

Source image


4. Glitter French Tip

Of course you have to consider adding a bit of sparkle to your nails. Not only is the summer a time for fun but it is also a time for special occasions as well. Think birthdays, weddings, baby showers and parties.

Add some dimension and sparkle to your French by using golden glittered nail polish.

Source image

5. Classic French Tip

Of course, you cannot forget the backbone of this section…the classic French tip. As, stated previously you cannot go wrong with a French tip design.

Maybe you have tried all the colors and styles this summer and are looking for something simple but timeless. Or maybe you are a timeless beauty and prefer something a bit more toned down. Well, a classic French tip manicure is the perfect summer nail design for you.

Source image


Solid Color Summer Nail Designs

6. Creamy bright green

Green on nails is not only for St. Patricks day! Check out this creamy green gel manicure.

Source image

7. Patterns with Solids

The summer time is the perfect time to play. Why not mix it up a bit and choose different patterns or colors for a few nails. Accent nails are a great way to explore other colors or patterns you like. This is especially a good design to go with if you are not committed to having one particular color on each nail.

Source image

8. Taste the Rainbow

Having a different color on every nail is daring and definitely not for everyone. However, it is not hard to see why this nail design is so popular in the summer time. There are so many ways you can go about this nail design. For example,  you can select different shades of the same color or choose a different color for each nail. The possibilities are endless and screen summer time.

Source image

9. Neon Nails

Neon nails are quintessentially summer. This is not up for debate haha. While they may not be for everyone they are a design you should consider this summer. Neon nails are sure to be a show stopper.

Source image

10. Got the Blues

According to color theory, the color blue signals feelings of calmness and relaxation and those are the exact feelings you can expect to feel during the summer. The summer brings a more relaxed vibe in comparison to other seasons throughout the year.

Hopefully, you will consider an all blue set this summer no matter the shade.

Source image

Marble Designs for an Interesting Twist for Summer Nails 

11. Blue Marble

Think ocean, vacation or pool. Ahhh…a blue marble set gives all the feels.

Source image

12. Green Marble

Simply calm and serene.

Source image

13. Nude Marble

Nude is an all around go to color for lipstick, clothes, shoes, AND nail designs.

Source image

14. Foil it up

Add some character and texture to your marble nail design by adding pops of gold foil throughout your design. One great thing about foil is that it is generally pretty easy to apply and does not cost too much extra to add on to a nail set.

Source image

15. Mix and Match Marble

Add some more personality to your nails by adding a different nail design to a marble set, such as a french tip. This break up in pattern will bring appreciation to the details that can be created in a marble nail design.

Source image

Pretty in Pink of Course! 

16. Pink with Some Razzle Dazzle

Bling is not just for your fingers or wrist but also for your nails. Add some sparkle to your nail design with rhinestones of different shapes and sizes. Trust you will not regret the decision.

Source image

17. Pink French Tip

While there is an entire section dedicated to French tips this design had to be included here in this section. I mean just look at it.

Source image

18. Classy in Pink

Can we say classic and effortless. There is something about a nude pink that says “I have my life together”. Whether or not that is the truth is really no one else’s business. HaHa!

Source image

19. Pink and Gold

There is something so chic about pink and gold. To heighten the design of you pink nail design add pops of gold glitter or foil throughout. Check out this set for some inspiration.

Source image

20. Swirling in Pink

There is something about glitter that makes me happy haha!

Adding variations of glitter swirls throughout your nail design can add a pop to the base design you have on your nails. Think of the glitter swirl as an accent color that will add personality to your nail set.

Source image

Designs Galor to Close Out Summer with a Bang 

21. Orangesicle

Adding variations of saturation to your nail design is a creative way to play with color while sticking to your color palette of choice.

Source image

22. Flower Power

Okay, so maybe you generally think about the spring time when you think about flowers. But flowers are present all summer long as well. What better way to add flowers to your day then adding them to your nail set.

Check out this nail design. It is super cute and fun!

Source image

23. Lemonade Nails

Adding different characters to your nails such as fruit can be a fun way to add personality to your nail set.

Source image

24. Shapes and Colors

Playing with different shapes and colors can be a fun way to incorporate your personal style and interest. Additionally, mixing various shapes and colors can be visually appealing not to mention an easy conversation starter with other nail lovers.

Source image

25. Tropical Vibes

There is something about orange, yellow, and pink color combinations that scream summer + tropical vibes. Try mixing and matching different color combinations to capture the essence of summer…bright, carefree, and fun!

Source image


Okay, that completes this round up of 25 summer nail designs to consider this summer.

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