Amazingly Affordable Body Scrubs You Need


My obsession for good skincare and quality products has grown over the years. Recently, I have been loving affordable body scrubs. It feels so good when you can show yourself love through various routines, especially body and skincare routines.


Nothing leaves you feeling pampered than a body care routine. But let’s be honest sometimes you may skip out on certain routines due to tiredness and lack of time. However, I want you to remember you are worth the extra time and effort.


Your skin is one of your largest organs.  It is your bodies first line of defense from environmental conditions such as air pollution. So, as you can imagine, your skin does benefit from extra tender love and care (TLC). While your skin sheds daily, sometimes it needs an extra hand. This is where body scrubs come into play. Consistent exfoliation encourages faster cell turn over. Ultimately, leaving you with healthy, smooth, and clean skin.


However, all body scrubs are not created equal. Some scrubs are too rough while others are too oily. Additionally, many-body scrubs are infused with ingredients that are harmful to your skin and the environment. Read more about this here.


I am so excited to share my favorite affordable body scrubs for smooth and healthy skin.


My Go-to Affordable Body Scrubs for Smooth Skin



Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub



Smell: This body scrub has a light, fresh, and FLORAL smell. If you do not like the smell of flowers, you will not like this scent. Luckily, this brand carries several other scents. Check them out here.


Consistency: One thing I love about this body scrub is its consistency. It is thick enough to scoop out with your hands and it glides on easily.  It is also loaded with moisturizing oils. This is the most abrasive body scrubs out of all my current favorites. However, it is jam-packed with moisture.


Best Uses: I like to use this scrub on my legs, feet, elbows, and knees. I also like to use this scrub when my skin needs moisture.



Lush Cup of Coffee Face and Body Mask



Smell: As you can guess by the name, this scrub smells like coffee! It smells so warm and divine aha. If you are a coffee drinker or love the smell of coffee, you will love the smell of this product. It smells so good you will want to taste it but don’t…. of course 😊 .


Consistency: The consistency of this product is slightly firm when dry. However, once it gets wet it loosens up significantly allowing for more slip and easier distribution on the skin.


Best Uses: I like to use this scrub on my face. Sometimes, I will use this as an all-over body scrub. It leaves me feeling invigorated and squeaky clean!


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Dove Body Scrub


Smell: Luxurious and fruity are the two words I would use to describe this scrub! That is the best way I can describe this smell. I wish you could smell things through your screen aha. Similar to the Tree Hut brand, this brand has several body scrubs as well. You can find it online here. You can also find this product in Walmart and Target.


Consistency: This body scrub is creamy! It is easy to scoop out. Also, you will not have to worry about it slipping out of your hands.


Best Uses: I like to use this body scrub when I want to feel pampered. This body scrub can be used all over your body.



What is your favorite body scrub?


There you have it, my current favorite and affordable body scrubs. I hope you enjoyed this article. Happy scrubbing!


As always,


Peace, Love, and Joy.





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