5 R’s to Consider When Decluttering Old Stuff



Over the years, I have learned to acquire less stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy purchasing things I like and want. However, often, I have bought things that have gone to waste unnecessarily. Also, in the past, I have been so overwhelmed with decluttering that I threw things away. Instead of taking the necessary steps to recycle or repurpose my belongings.  Now when I am decluttering old stuff, I consider a few things before I throw anything away.


Decluttering old belongings can be stressful. Additionally, you may not know what to do with your old belongings. As such, a plan for your stuff would be helpful for this process.


There are so many things you can do with your old belongings besides throwing them away. Yes, it is easy to throw away things you no longer want. However, to avoid being wasteful, you should look to other options. You never know how your resourcefulness and generosity can positively enhance someone’s life.


Here are 5 R’s to consider when decluttering old belongings. These options will help you avoid being wasteful. Additionally, they will give you peace of mind and increase your confidence while decluttering your space.


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Decluttering Your Space and Reusing Items


5 R’s to Consider When Decluttering



You may be tempted to throw things away while decluttering because it no longer fits your style or decor.  However, you can always refurbish and clean items to match your current tastes. You can use paint, new fabric, buttons, or cleaning products to make items as good as new.

I find belongings such as furniture, shoes and sometimes clothes are usually the easiest to refurbish. For example, instead of buying a new color tv stand, I would paint my old one a different color to make any changes in decor.

You can also refurbish larger pieces of furniture such as sofas or dining chairs. If your furniture has holes in the cushions or chipped paint, you can buy new upholstery fabric from a fabric store or paint over areas with wear and tear.

Check out these two articles to learn how to change furniture upholstery and fix chipped painting on furniture.



Recycling is becoming more and more popular and for a reason. Recycling helps us cut down on waste while also creating new ways to use old materials.

Outside of traditional recycling offered by many cities, there are an array of organizations that will take your old belongings. These organizations help you find a home for your old belongings while making sure they are accessible to many people.

You should consider giving old belongings away to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, churches, and local thrift shops. However, make sure your belongings are in good condition before you give them away.



Reusing or rather upcycling old belongings can be fun. This option allows you to tap into your creativity.

Upcycle – to find a new purpose for old belongings.

Upcycling can be hard. However, it is possible to brainstorm good ideas. Items such as old containers are easy to upcycle. However, there are many other items you can upcycle.

I enjoy upcycling old candle containers and wine bottles for arts and crafts projects as well as for practical uses such as storage or flower vases.




Regifting items can be fun and fulling. If your item is new or is in good condition, you should consider regifting. Items such as baby clothing, toys, electronics, cutlery, and household appliances are generally good things to regift. Consider giving these items to college students, young adults, and new families.



Reselling items can take effort. But it may be worth it if you can make a profit. Items ideal for reselling are clothes and electronics. Additionally, they seem to always be in demand so you can never go wrong.

Of course, you should only sell things that work and that are in good condition. If you love to shop and find yourself overwhelmed with clothes you have only worn once or twice, you should check out Poshmark or stores such as Plato’s closet. eBay and Amazon are great options to use to sell other items such as electronics.


What do you generally do with the items you have set aside after decluttering? Have you considered any of the options listed above?


Good luck decluttering and finding a new home for old or unused belongings!


As always,


Peace, Love, and Joy!




  1. Salina Barksdale-Clark
    July 22, 2019 / 6:50 pm

    Thank you for the 5 R’s… good advice

    • Bluesha3
      July 25, 2019 / 3:09 pm

      You are welcome. I am glad you found it helpful 🙂

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