Best Gold and White Desk Office Supplies on Amazon


Nothing brightens up the vibe of your space like decor and natural light. Decorating your space is rewarding and fun. There is one space I have been looking forward to decorating since moving into my studio apartment, my office space. In general, I envision desk office supplies and stylish decor that make me excited to sit down and work.

As a content creator and graduate student, I appreciate workspaces that are functional and organized. To have a workspace that is chic, minimal, and inviting a would be a dream come true. Now that I have moved into a new space, I want to put more effort into my workspace design. I have been drawn to the idea of white and gold lately as I believe it will pair well with my olive-colored office desk.  I have become especially interested in gold and white desk office supplies and accessories. Of course, I turned to the place where you can find almost everything online. Amazon!

Amazon is the perfect place to find office supplies from pens to desk chairs. It also helps that I have always had great experiences shopping on Amazon as a student and a prime member. But even without my membership, the prices and options are provided by the online retailer are truly worth every dime.

I have a few favorites in my cart. But, there are a few essential items I need to purchase before my vision is complete.


Here, I am sharing some of my favorite white and gold desk supplies and accessories on Amazon.


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For The Love of Plants


Plants often make spaces feel more put together.  Plus they are aesthetically pleasing and can be calming as well.




Tripod Plant Holder and Catus Plant| Small White Geometric Plant Holders



For the Wall








Gold Wall Grid Panel | Inspirational Wall Art Decor | Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar



For Organization





Three Slot File Holder| Multipurpose File Organizer | Verticle File Organizer


For Business Task




White Marble Journal | Gold and White Nano Wireless Mouse | Kate Spade Gold Stripe File Folder



For Fun


Of course, I know many of my office supplies do not need to match my intended color scheme. However, I think it would be fun if they did. So, I have decided to research some essential office supplies that matched the gold and white color scheme just in case I want to display them on top of my desk one day.





Elegant Gold and White Desk Calculator| Gold and White Desk Stapler | Gold DIY Craft Scissors



For Comfort


No one likes to work in an uncomfortable work environment. Additionally, unfavorable work environments hinder productivity as oppose to encouraging productivity. For this reason, I am looking to add comfort to my space by adding additional back support in the form of pillows. As well as worth with the use of a blanket.




Gold and White “Love” Throw Pillow | Faux Fur Chair Cover


Out of all of these items, my favorites are the plant holders and wall organizer. I can see myself enjoying the greenery and inspiring quotes.


I hope you enjoyed this roundup I created.  Which part of your house has been your favorite to decorate?


As always,

Peace, Love, and Joy




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