5 Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Space Tidy

How to Keep Your Space Tidy


There is nothing more stressful than coming home from a long day to a junky house or messy room. However, this is the norm for many people. Though not intentional many people may find it difficult to keep their space tidy. As you can imagine there are probably an array of challenges that can make it difficult to keep your space tidy. From not having enough free time, chasing after little ones and sometimes just being overwhelmed by your stuff and not knowing where to start tidying up.

Trust me I have been there before. I was not always a tidy person. However, over time this has changed with the help of outside resources and a change in perspective I have been able to keep things tidy. Additionally, I have been able to do so without having to devote loads of time to the task of cleaning up.

Here you will find my foolproof tips that will ensure your space stays tidy –


5 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Space Tidy


1. Get rid of things that you do not use. Additionally, get rid of those things that do not make you happy.


One of the most effective ways to keep a tidy space is to limit the number of things you have in your space. This means you will have to part with some belongings specifically the things you no longer use, have a use for or have grown out of.  This can be a hard step for many and it was for me as well.

It is easy to become attached to things. Think about it you are comfortable with all the stuff you have, and you might even find security in your things. This can be true even when you no longer need them. I encourage you to take a good look at the things you keep and to go through them to figure out what you should keep and what you should give away.

There was one resource that was very helpful for me when I finally decided to declutter my space and that is a book by Marie Kondo “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up”. I highly recommend either reading this book and or checking out the series on Netflix.  It just might spark so inspiration. Anyway, this book was so helpful and instrumental in changing the way I viewed physical things. It really helped me to rethink what was necessary and important for me to keep.



2. Designate a space for all your things


Do you remember your parent, guardian or childhood teacher reminding you to put things back where they belong? Well, this tip acts as the foundation of that rule. In order to put things back where they belong, they must have a place to go in the first place. This is where you exercise your power over your space and designate spaces to keep all your belongings from clothes, to throw blankets, book bags, batteries and everything in between.


3. Organize your things by categories


Remember to organize your belongings by categories so you will always know where things go and so you will not be tempted to put your shoes under your bed when you designated them to go in your closet. Organizing and storing your things into categories will make the tidying process easier and help you with your discipline to put things back where they belong because you know they already have a home.

6 Foolproof ways to keep your space tidy


4. Put things back in their place after use


When you are finished using something put it back…immediately. I know this can be hard especially if you have a busy schedule, but it is worth the effort. When you put things back after using them you lessen the amount of mess you must clean up later.


5. Do a mini clean every night


This step has been instrumental in assisting me in keeping my space tidy. When you do a mini clean every night it saves you time. The time you can be spending do other things you love. Quickly cleaning your house every night helps you whenever you decide you want to do a deep clean. More than likely your belongings will be where they are designated to be, and you will not have a lot of builds up within your space. If you need a little motivation to keep moving play some of your favorite tunes or just imagine how happy you will feel in the morning when you come home to a tidy space.


I wish you all the best with keeping your space tidy and free of clutter. Feel free to share additional tips you use to keep your space tidy throughout the week.


As always,


Peace, Love, and Joy



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