9 Positive and Encouraging Everyday Affirmations

The words you speak are so important. They are also very powerful. They can shape the way you view others, how you view yourself and your situation and the overall blessings you manifest over time. Ultimately, your words shape your reality. So, it is crucial to shape your reality using positive and encouraging everyday affirmations with yourself and with others.

Do you use positive and encouraging everyday affirmations in your own life? (feel free to share some in the comment section below).

I love affirmations. I mainly love them because they remind me of things I sometimes forget when I am stressing out trying to make a deadline, when I am overwhelmed or anxious and when I am experiencing a low or simply living life.

One thing is for sure, affirmations are a healthy lifestyle choice to incorporate into your life. After all, we all need to hear kind and reassuring words especially when life gets busy and tough.

For this reason, I would like to share 10 positive and encouraging affirmations you can use whenever you need to – check them out in the image below!


Positive Affirmations





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