5 Things You Need to Reach Your 2019 Goals



Although cliché, coming up with a list of accomplishments you would like to achieve in the New Year has it perks. Aside from giving you something to look forward to, a list of goals can add clarity to your life by identifying key things you need to work on to become your best self.  In a perfect world, you could develop your list of goals and then they would magically come to fruition. However, this is not our reality. As such, throughout the year it will be important for you take the necessary actions which will assist you in reaching all of your goals this year.

Let us look at the top 5 things you will need to reach all your 2019 goals.


Accountability Partner

No matter what anyone tells you, we all need an accountability partner.  The number of accountability partners you have is up to you of course.  It is imperative you select people who live up to the role. An accountability partner will be invested in your overall success and growth as a person. Additionally, they will need to be truthful and proactive in their role. Having an accountability partner will help you stay on track as you will have someone to check in with you regarding your goals. In addition to having someone to check in with, an accountability partner can tell you when you are not living up to your full potential. You want to make sure your accountability partner is positive and encouraging (#goodvibesonly). Use your discernment when selecting someone for this role and keep in mind they are an asset to your journey.


Write It Down

There is something about writing down your goals that make them seem real and attainable. Writing your goals down will give you something to reference throughout the year and assist you with staying on track.  Make a list of your goals and put them in order of priority so you will know what you will tackle first. It may also be helpful to make a note of the goals that may take a little longer to achieve. This will help you set realistic expectations for yourself.


Check in With Yourself 

While having an accountability partner is helpful, they cannot do the work for you. Ultimately, whether you achieve your goals will be up to you. Having routine check ins with yourself can assist you in making sure you are staying on track. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself: How have I been managing my time? How have I been managing the people around me? What are my next steps to reaching “x” goal? What have I accomplished so far? What thoughts are hindering me from achieving my goals? What behaviors are stopping me from reaching my goals?


Celebrate Small Wins 

Nothing kills motivation faster than the feeling of stagnation or lack of progress. When life happens, it can seem like you may never achieve what you set out to accomplish. To avoid any mid-year slumps or periodic feelings of defeat you should learn how to celebrate small wins. To some this may seem silly but celebrating small wins can make all the difference in your perspective and ultimately your overall disposition regarding your goals.  Try celebrating small milestones that lead up to your loftier goals. This will keep your momentum going for what is to come once you reach your overall goal. Additionally, you should celebrate those goals that may have been easier to come by throughout the year. The idea is to feed your motivation with mini celebrations. This will help keep your excitement while also encouraging you to continue to tackle your remaining goals for the year.


Practice Gratitude

There is something about gratitude that keeps on giving. Gratitude helps you stop and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Additionally, being grateful for what you have already accomplished will open your atmosphere up for more. Your atmosphere will be opened to more blessings, more growth and more accomplishments. In an ideal world you would be able to achieve every single goal on your goals list. However, reality has shown us that this may not always be possible and that is okay! Instead of beating yourself up about checking everything off your list, practice being thankful for how far you have come and celebrate your progress instead.


I wish you nothing but success this year. I hope you accomplish the goals that matter most to you. I hope you can implement at least one thing from this list to assist you in mastering this year.


Wishing you peace, love and joy all 2019!





  1. fatimat
    March 28, 2019 / 2:13 pm

    Very useful points! I find the ‘Check in With Yourself’ points particularly useful.

    • Bluesha3
      March 28, 2019 / 4:07 pm

      Glad you found them helpful! Yes, its like I can look to other people to hold me accountable but it is nothing like knowing my goals myself and tracking my own progress.

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