Pushing Past Pain Into Power


At the time I did not understand what prompted me to cut out and glue the phrase “Pushing Past Pain into Power” on my 2016 vision board but I did. I could not imagine anything going sour in 2016. Yes, I know I was being very optimistic. However, somethings did. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason whether I understand the reason immediately, later or never.

Initially, when I experienced personal, relational, and professional “pain” in 2016 I sometimes felt upset, discouraged and powerless. Though, these feelings did not last long. Often, I would revisit my vision board and see the words “Pushing Past Pain into Power” and this time I understood the purpose of my pain and difficulties.

There is power in truth. My pain showed me my truths. It showed me areas where I was lacking, it showed me imperfections I attempted to cover and it showed me that I am stronger than I realize. Though I despised it then I am now so grateful for the pain.

I feel powerful walking in my truth. I feel powerful knowing growth takes time and that I will reap its benefits throughout my journey. I am so excited about the year 2017. I will claim nothing less than VICTORY!


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