It Takes a Village


No matter where I find myself in life I can never forget the people who have played a part in the woman I am today. The involvement of some people extended the involvement of others yet everyone’s presence played a significant role in my life. An environment where people spoke positvity into my life, believed in my dreams and encouraged me to attack goals is one that I think is invaluable. Though I have experienced less than pleasant encounters with some people during my upbringing, most of my experiences with people within my community have been overwhelmingly positive. I am blessed to have this testimony.

We often hear the cliché “it takes a village”. However, I am not sure how much faith people have in this cliché and concept anymore. In today’s society it seems that everyone is so busy. Too busy to invest time in their family, community and other various organizations. I am in no way innocent of being “too busy”. We all are on a mission to reach educational, career, spiritual and relationship goals. However, I think it is imperative to remember those whose brains, personalities and hopes in this world are still developing. I am mainly speaking about the youth in our generation. The future of our society.

This is where we all play a role. No one should think of any role as “too small”. There is no such thing. To this day I remember simple acts of love of kindness from young and seasoned adults that meant so much to me.  I remember the encouraging words, the conversations about my dreams with others and the words of advice. I believe we are all responsible to pour positivity into the lives of those around us even if we did not experience it ourselves.

Lately, I have been blessed to do this in a few ways. However, the opportunity that has pulled on my heart the greatest is my involvement with an educational non-profit. As a volunteer, I serve to support young girls in their educational, personal and professional development.

Today, as I sat helping one student with her homework I could not help but think who would help her if she was not a member of this non-profit program. (Now I do not believe that I am some savior. I know I am not the only person available that could have helped her but I still pondered as to where her help would come from). During my first meeting with this fourth grader, I remember her explaining her family dynamic and how her single parent could not help her with her homework. I recall her telling me about her failing grades and how she was having difficulties with her classes. I felt hurt and somewhat helpless listening to her. Even though that was my first time meeting with her I could not help but feel as if I failed her. I know it may sound dramatic but that is how I felt.

Needless to say, I was more than happy to assist her today with her math. It brought me so much joy to encourage her, to tell her good job when she got her practice questions right, to help her understand why she got some problems wrong and to tell her that I am so proud of her! Though my involvement may not completely turn around the trajectory of her academic year I have believe that it will help. I have faith that she will remember the people who believed in her, the positive words used when describing her and the laughter that we shared. I hope that she remembers that there are people in her village that care about her just like there were in mine.



  1. December 29, 2016 / 9:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing and committing yourself to helping our future. As a teacher, it feels great that there are organizations and individuals, like yourself, who are dedicated to assisting them outside of the classroom. I’m sure your gentle spirit is helping her in more ways than math. The motivation and boost of confidence you are providing her will stay with her forever. Proud of call you friend.

    • December 30, 2016 / 12:07 am

      Thank you very much Nia! That is my hope. Also, I have sooo much respect for teachers! The role of a teacher is so valuable but often overlooked. Keep up the good work. I know your students love you. I wish you and your students the best for the remainder of this school year and beyond. I know that it is not easy.

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